French Expert, specialist in horological counterfeiting and luxury watchmaking

Meet the expert

Fabrice Gueroux is an International authority on horological counterfeiting and the author of two books about the subject, Vraies et fausses montres (real and fake watches).

He advises, among others, the French customs service in lectures and workshops on how to detect horological fakes. Every year he holds master classes at the Geneva High School of Management with the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. Many watch companies call on him for teaching or advice relating to counterfeiting.

Backed by more than a decade of experience in identifying fake timepieces, his training courses and the awareness campaigns conducted through his Truetime association make an important contribution to the struggle against horological counterfeiting around the world.

Fabrice Guéroux took part in the Capital program on the M6 TV channel investigat- ing fake Rolex watch distribution networks and published articles in specialized me- dia, including La Revue des Montres, Heures, and Night & Day. The French press — Le Parisien, Le Nouvel Economiste, Montres Magazine, Ouest France — has covered his activities extensively.

“My books and Masterclass will help you learn to appreciate the care taken in finishing the tiniest details of a properly manufactured watch. By examining and comparing the level of finish, you can tell the difference between a fake and a genuine watch. In all modesty I hereby make available to you the fruit of several years of observation.” – Fabrice Gueroux

Feedback & Reviews

“Perfect toolS. Definitely the best source if you want to know all about fake watches and avoid bad experiences. The new 2019 edition “Watches: an Identification Manual for Contemporary and collector’s Pieces” from the same author is even more complete. A must-have.”

Barnes & Nobles Reader

“Probably one of the most helpful book before to buy a vintage or contemporary watch. I have learned many tips that helped me to pay attention and check specific parts. Thanks to this book I have saved quite a few thousands and avoided a few scams! Definitely a must have for any watch enthusiast!”

Barnes & Nobles Reader​

“This book is worth any single dollar spent. A must have for every watch enthusiast, full of information and illustrations.”

Barnes & Nobles Reader​

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