Bundle Masterclass + Books


Get the full package and know-how about Fake and Genuine Watches.

In this package, you will be able to watch the full Masterclass as much as needed and you will receive the two books dedicated and signed by the author.

Now, you can learn for yourself and get the skills and know-how on watch identification.

Products Details

Fake Watches Identification Masterclass
80 minutes video

Real & Fake Watches II
Watches: An Identification Manual for Contemporary and Collector’s Pieces
​300 Pages- Hard Cover

Real & Fake Watches
2010 Edition – Collector (only few pieces available).
​300 Pages- Hard Cover


FSee With the Eye of the Watch Expert

Meet Your Instructor in a Masterclass

The only Watch Expert Masterclass available ever. You will learn how to see with the eye of the watch expert. An 80 minutes video where you will have the opportunity to discover all the secrets of counterfeit watches and get the vital know-how in order to be able to identify a watch. See two counterfeits of high end and top brand watches fully disassembled and enter the world of real watch experts…

The 2020 Ultimate Identification Skills

300 pages instruction manual

A comprehensive guide to identifying fake watches. Buying a previously owned watch can be a risky purchase. Fake watches are legion on the internet and unscrupulous vendors are increasingly using this market place to sell their fraudulent products. Few second-hand watch websites call upon true experts and purchases are increasingly made at the buyer’s risk. How to tell a true watch from a fake?

The 2010 Identification Reference Book

300 pages comparisons manual

How can you tell a fake watch from a real one? Where are fakes made? What grades of quality can one find among so-called “replicas”? How can one buy a watch on the internet? How can one avoid fraudulent copies? These are just some of the questions to which any wristwatch enthusiast needs to find answers in an era when counterfeiting luxury products has become an industry in its own right.