Fake Watches
Identification Masterclass

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See With the Eye of the Watch Expert

In the different sections of this Masterclass I will present watches to compare and to give you the opportunity of examining the original watches and their copies.

This Masterclass makes it possible for you to learn from an international watch expert

Watch Masterclass as much as youneeded.

Full demonstrations of how to identify watches.

Computer, mobile, Tablet and TV Screen.


80 minutes video Masterclass with Instructor
$ 39
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masterclass + Two books
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Save Money

This Masterclass is for you if...

You want to save money when buying a watch

Learn how to avoid rip-off when you buy a luxury watch. Too much fake watches are in the market and you need these skills more than ever.

You want to know all about fake watches

You will discover what makes a fake watch a counterfeit and not a high end genuine watch. You will be able to spot this rapidly.

You want to be able to identify watches by yourself

Such skill is not reserved to a small community of experts and professionals. I have learned that anyone watch enthusiast can do it...

Imagine you could

What you will learn

Watch identification

You will see how fake watches are made and what are the precise differences between a fake and a genuine watch. Knowing what is important to evaluate when inspecting a watch will give you the vital  know-how about watch identification.

How to spot fake watches

There are always obvious differences between original watches and counterfeits, but if you do not know exactly what is an original and what is a counterfeit, as far as quality is concerned, you will never be able to identify a fake watch. All this knowledge is in the Masterclass.

How to buy a good watch

Chances to buy a fake watch on Internet or in any second hand market network now reaches around 50%… Get skills you will be able to use in any situation and purchase with confidence.
Replica Rolex identification

Watch Expert Masterclass

Learn how to see with the eye of the expert. and get the identification skills.

High End Watches

Learn on the best quality watches, Rolex and Audemars Piguet.

Get the know-how

Get a full brief on the evolution of fake watches and how to always be up-to-date.

Watches Comparisons

Compare each single components between fake and genuine watches.

Inside a fake watch

Take a trip inside a fake watch, part after part and understand what makes a fake watch a counterfeit.

10X Detailed visuals

Get so close in the fake watch that you can get the skills to spot a fake watch easily and rapidly.