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Rolex Submariner 1680

Investing in collection watches
The Rolex Submariner 1680 White Dial

Some may think collection watches became “untouchable”, main reason for such thoughts being of course some extrapolated articles from the press. Of course, if you only read about Daytona Paul Newman as a “million dollars watch”, you will never be able to figure out any investment potential in the field of collecting watches.

If one is wealth enough to collect Paul Newman watches, which by the way are not all “one million” watches, not by a long chalk, this being reserved to rare birds in an exceptional condition or telling a real story, then of course these watches are worth an “expert accompanied” investment. But there are watches which are a real good investment start, and the Rolex Submariner 1680 white dial is one of the most trusty one.

This sport watch is relatively a not complicated watch for the newbies, I explain. This Submariner Rolex has been produced, approximately, between mid-1975 to 1980. There are only two different dials for this watch and two “service dial” produced in the 90’s. This means that you are not in a complicated science of the dials, bezels and other details. Then, the price is affordable for anyone who desire to start investing in vintage watches, a good condition one being around US$14,000. If you consider thus watch raising approximately 40% to 50% each five years, then you can plan a non-risky investment and benefit from one of the most popular and beautiful sport watch ever produced by Rolex.

Released in 1975, this diving watch was for Rolex the start of a real”best-seller” sport watch. If the 5513 (Submariner np-date) was the ultimate professional diving watch, this date-added diving watch really started the “modern man” must-have… You will never see any other sport watch still demanded, 35 years after its first release… Why is that? Well, let’s say that Rolex’ founder, Hans Wilsdorf, was or a wizard, or a real visionary, or more likely both. Per survey, more than 70% watch aficionados would prefer a rolex Submariner or GMT-Master than any other brand.

The two dials variation of the Rolex Submariner 1680 “White”

Two dials must be taken into account, some shall say that there are more than two, four or even five but the original production have shown that two dials can be considered “matching”… Other dials, produced later are part of replacement dials produced for Rolex, do not forget that such watches were intended to be hardly pressurized… Under more than 200 feet, accidents happen.

Left : MK1 dial – Right MK2 dial. Small difference but rather easy to observe…